We created The Wish Pixies to inspire positivity and good wishes for kids and kids at heart. We want to extend this positivity to reach even further by supporting 3 charities that we believe in. 
For every 'Create Your Own Pixie Doll' ordered, we will donate a portion of the profit towards one of these 3 charities, as selected by you.

Make A Wish helps fulfill the wishes of critically ill kids.

A wish is not a fleeting gift - each child's Wish Journey is carefully planned and delivered over several stages to create a positive, lasting impact.

  • Wishes are designed to complement a child's medical treatment, working to calm, distract and inspire at a time they need it most.
  • When a wish is realised, a child discovers that despite their situation, anything is possible.

  • In this way, wishes deliver both an immediate boost and long lasting effect on the lives of sick kids, their families and communities.


Watch this video to see why people like Steve Backshall and Sir David Attenborough support this vital charity, helping save wilderness and the animals of the world.

Children's Ground has a vision for First Nations people in Australia - to achieve their aspirations, for their children to enjoy a life of opportunity, strong cultural identity, and personal wellbeing by having voice and control over their social, cultural, political and economic future.

See their inspiring work in this short video...
When you purchase a 'Create Pixie Doll', please choose the charity that connects to your heart the most, and we will donate to them on your behalf.
Thank you for taking positive action for people and planet.