Meet Flicker the Dragon Rider Pixie!

A limited edition treasure, serves as a delightful companion for kids of all ages—and those young at heart! With very limited stock you better 'fly to it' and add to your cart before these new pixie friends are gone ✨

Australian Made & Sustainable

We are committed to sustainable business processes to make sure we don't harm the planet we live on. This teaches our children the value of environmental choices through our toys...

Why Are We Inspired To Help Kids?

FEAR is the number one reason why children suffer anxiety. The best way to deal with FEAR is to overcome it.

How can we help our children overcome fear?

The goal is to gently guide them along until they're ready to take the reins themselves. The Wish Pixies, along with the magic of the child's own imagination, aim to provide the scaffolding they need to learn how to manage their own thoughts..

For Bebe

These little bebes make an adorable gift for a new baby with their sweet little faces and easy to hold shape. They come beautifully gift boxed in a recycled card box, cotton ribbon and gift tag. Their little message for baby is written the the back of the box. A beautiful gift for a baby shower.

NIGHTLING for Bedtime Calm

Nightling's 'Pixietale' tells the story of his journey facing a fear of going to bed. It's the dark and the monsters he believes are in the shadows, that makes him afraid. One night, something happens that makes him face his fear. Now he has a special trick which has given him the gift of BEDTIME CALM.

what our customers say:
what our customers say:
'I have been buying from Wish Pixies for a couple of years now and I can’t tell you how special each and every piece is!! I feel so blessed to have found such an exisite product'
— Gail P
what our customers say:
"The love and care that has gone in to making these little beauties is obvious. From the packaging to the beautiful detail, these are simply gorgeous and I know I’ll be purchasing more!"
— Lynden F
what our customers say:
“Amazing service for the most beautiful creations. I plan on purchasing many more. Just divine.”
— Lanne C
what our customers say:
“Marlowe sleeps with her Pixie every night and takes it to school every day - it's her absolute favourite thing.”
— Stace
what our customers say:
“Beautiful. My son cuddles his Wish Pixie every night, they are just gorgeous!”
— Jessica B

Let their imagination run wild...

Enjoy our range of Free Pixie activities. From colouring books to creating your own Pixie Doll.

These activities help children to think about all the entertaining things that can be done at home, exploring creative ideas to have fun using their imagination. They are tools that can be used to calm, create and play together, all whilst instilling positive thinking habits.

Hello to all my magical friends...

My name is Kiralee and I would like to take you on my Wish Pixie journey.
My journey with these whimsical beings began unexpectedly when I encountered one on a close colleague's desk when I had returned to work after being on Maternity leave.
It was Nightling.
This was a moment that would set the stage for a profound and magical transformation in my life...