Snuggle Bug - Weighted Cuddle Doll

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Meet the latest little friend in our 'Cuddle' toy range!

'Snuggle Bug' is an adorable buddy to offer your child a calming, comforting and self regulating toy - day and night. 

This doll is the perfect weight (1 kg) that gives a similar, gentle pressure as getting a hug or having a small pet in your lap, offering a natural and non-invasive way to calm the nervous system and trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin.

Made in Australia from super soft 'sherpa' fur, cotton wings and cotton face. Weighted with eco friendly glass beads and recycled PET fill.

Care: gentle hand wash with mild detergent and dry flat in shade. 

Size: 42 x 18cm

Safety: Not for children under 3 years age due to SIDS risk.

Our Pixie Promise

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Safe Use Guidelines

At The Wish Pixies, we prioritize the safety of your little ones above everything else.

Safe Use Guidelines:
Please check before each use. Do not alter in any way.
- Supervision: Always supervise children while they are using Snuggle Bug. These soft Weighted toys should never be left unattended with infants.
- Sleep Safety: Adhere strictly to SIDS safe sleeping guidelines. It is important to keep the sleeping environment free of soft toys, including our dolls, to avoid any potential risks. Never leave the doll in a crib or cot with an unsupervised baby.
Keep all soft toys out of the sleeping environment.
By following these guidelines, you help ensure a safer environment for your child.

We want you and your little one to enjoy the comfort and loving presence of our Snuggle Bug with peace of mind.