Hello to all my magical friends

My name is Kiralee and I would like to take you on my Wish Pixie journey. My journey with these whimsical beings began unexpectedly when I encountered one on a close colleague's desk when I had returned to work after being on Maternity leave. It was Nightling. This was a moment that would set the stage for a profound and magical transformation in my life.

The allure of The Wish Pixies deepened as I stumbled upon a post in my Instagram feed, leading me to make a spontaneous decision – purchasing my first few Pixies for my toddler Theodore. Little did I know, that choice would become a pivotal moment, forever altering the course of our lives. Witnessing the pure joy and wonder in my son's eyes as he interacted with his favourite  Pixie, I realised this magical creature had become more than a toy; it was his cherished companion and confidant. As destiny would have it, I discovered that the business behind The Wish Pixies was up for sale. It felt like the universe had conspired to present me with an opportunity to safeguard and nurture the enchanting realm of these magical Pixies. Unable to resist, I took the reins, eager to continue spreading the magic far and wide.

My vision for The Wish Pixies goes beyond mere ownership – I knew in my heart that I wanted to preserve and nurture the magical realm that Dainy had created. I want to uphold the tradition of imagination and wonder that the Pixies embodied for children and parents alike and to keep the magic alive and thriving.

It's not just a business venture; it's a chance to embark on a deeply personal adventure, nurture the magic of childhood, and create a world where dreams can genuinely come true. The journey ahead is brimming with endless possibilities, and I am ready to sprinkle a little extra enchantment into the already wondrous realm of The Wish Pixies. I'm so excited to move onto this new chapter, ready to carry on the legacy of The Wish Pixies and weave my own magic into its tapestry.




Meet Dainy the original owner and designer of The Wish Pixies


Dainy, the designer of The Wish Pixies, experienced this trauma herself as a young child. Suffering from a debilitating phobia and anxiety disorder, she felt embarrassed and powerless. She chose 'fear avoidance' as her coping strategy to try and suppress the overwhelming state of anxiety she lived in everyday and as a way to hide what she felt made her 'different' from the other kids.  As a result, she missed out on many of the best parts of childhood such as sleepovers, parties, school camps and travelling, as they were too traumatic for her to deal with.
 As an adult, Dainy was fed up living in a prison of fear and decided to do something about it. Determined, she taught herself positive thinking techniques through years of reading, learning and practicing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  Gradually, these new ways of thinking enabled her to take on challenges she never thought possible - travelling solo around the world and running her own fashion company for 15 years. Motherhood became the next (and biggest!) challenge. When she saw the familiar signs of anxiety showing in both her young children, she adapted the techniques she had learned for herself and 'disguised' them in fun - through the use of imaginative play with toys. Seeing how quickly they learned this way of thinking, and how it could make such a positive impact with her children, she imagined how different her childhood might have been had she learnt it as a child as well.  It was this thought that inspired her to want to help more children, so she designed The Wish Pixies to become the tiny 'teachers' of this knowledge. 

Why are we inspired to help kids?

Our kids are our everything, so it's painful to watch them struggle to deal with the many challenges associated with growing up, especially during a time of global pandemic.
Kid's worry - whether it's a fear of the dark, struggling to make friends, or a change they feel they have no control over - it's difficult to process when you don't have any life experience yet.
Childhood can be stressful...and this can lead to these frightening statistics:


  How to help your child overcome FEAR  

According to child psychologists at the Child Mind Institute, it's important to recognize FEAR is an inescapable part of being a kid.
As much as a parent's natural instinct is to soothe and comfort,
teaching your child to manage their fear without parental intervention will help them build the
CONFIDENCE and INDEPENDENCE they'll need to feel more in control, less afraid, both now and as they grow up. 

So how do we help kids start feeling braver?

The goal is to gently guide them along until they're ready to take the reins themselves. 
"We want to provide the scaffolding they need to stand on their own" says Dr. Rachel Busman of the Institute.
The Wish Pixies, along with the magic of the child's own imagination, aim to provide this scaffolding they need to learn how to manage their own thoughts..

.        Using imagination and play to enhance learning

Children as young as 5 are able to grasp the principles of positive thinking. Positive thinking is a skill, like reading or writing. You just need to learn the right techniques and practice.
Psychologists support the benefits of 'play' for a child's ability to learn, stating in fact that:





How the Wish Pixies work:

Step 1: Identify the challenge the child is struggling with. Make overcoming this challenge the goal.

Step 2: Choose the Wish Pixie you think will resonate with the child's wish or goal (the Pixie becomes the child's little 'ally' to conquer the challenge together!)

Step 3: When your doll arrives, read the story about the Pixies own journey to overcome their challenge. This helps your child understand the superpower the Pixie represents and also gives them an example of how to do it too. The Secret Spell contained the Pixie's pocket will then set your child's imagination into 'active' mode, ready to make the change in their thinking.

Step 4: Each day, leave suitable messages (available to download or make your own) in the Pixie's pocket that offers encouragement or reward for the steps they make in the right direction. The 'magic' that the Pixie is 'talking' directly to the child makes this part particularly exciting...!

Step 5: Keep doing this until the new way of thinking becomes a habit. Feeling empowered that they have been able to deal with the challenge themselves, improves their confidence and belief in their own abilities, enabling them to feel calmer, happier and ready to face the next challenge.


Thank you for telling us how the Wish Pixies have helped your kids!


"One chosen Pixie assisted my daughter with courage and an ongoing positive recovery after surgery to both of her legs. I had to laugh when she recited the Wish Pixie Secret Spell to the doctor - I didn't realise she had memorised it!" - Sarah E
"The Pixies have brought so much happiness and positive thoughts through all of the Covid lockdowns and school closures. They have encouraged so much creativity and imagination with my own kids making 100's of their own in isolation. For my girls to have their designs made into real dolls brought so much excitement and pride..." - Nicole H
"Changing the world...amazing quality and the concept will change little people's lives." - Latoya T
"These little darlings are truly magical! I love watching my daughter's imagination take her into a whimsical world of endless enchantment with these gorgeous Pixies." - Isla L
       The Wish Pixies
(believe in you)